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Trikke T12

2011 Trikke T-12 Roadster
2011 Trikke T-12 hand grip
Trikke T-12 rear brake
What I know

I have not yet ridden this beast. Everyone I have talked to who owns one, loves it. They love the ride. The air tires make for smoother ride over rough pavement. Its bigger tires allow you to carve, or lean, more deeply with each turn. The T12 is especially popular with riders who love to trikke long distances.

That all being said, it is heavier. Heavier can make it a little harder to get started....especially for a beginner. Once you've gotten the basics down I think anyone would be pleased with the T12.

Just the Facts - from Trikke Tampa

The Trikke T12 Roadster is very well known as the "Ultimate Carving Experience". It has been designed for more aggressive riders who want to throw their body into their riding more completely, and not have to worry about cracks, bumps or rough pavement. Quieter, meaner looking, and putting a rider a full 13" above the ground, the T12 is proving to be a must-have for the Trikke enthusiasts. Its disc braking system provides very smooth and controlled braking for more confidence in downhill riding and the pneumatic tires allow the rider to carve much deeper and harder than before. The T12 takes the Trikke experience to the next level and is the Ultimate in Fun & Fitness! Carve Your way to Health and Fitness today!

2011 - The All NEW 2011 Trikke T12 Roadster - This new generation of the T12 Roadster will be the most significant since it's introduction in 2004. You won't be disappointed because these changes are what the 1000's of Trikke T12 owners have asked for. Below are the additions and modifications to the previous version of this truly fascinating machine!

  • Handgrip with integrated bar end
  • Brake levers with parking lock feature (same as Pon-e)
  • Main axle with axial adjustment and grease fittings (same as Pon-e)
  • Steering limiter on front structure (same as Pon-e)
  • Removed washers from wheel axles and new frame-to-wheel hub spacers.
  • New front fender (same as Pon-e)
  • New rear fenders
  • Modified grip mat
  • New frame colors: Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Graphite, Pearl White
  • New frame graphics: 2 designs (one for red and white, another for blue and graphite)
  • Graphics embedded in the paint job like Pon-e.
  • New wheels with machined rim
  • New owner’s manual

Weight 30lbs
Length 55 inches
Height 52-57" adjustable
Width 23.5 inches
Frame Aluminum
Folding Yes, quick release
Wheels 12" inflatable tires
Bearings 6000 zz ABEC-5
Age 14& up
Max Weight 250 lbs.
Brake Disc Caliper

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